Cllr Peter Smith

Peter is a native of Malvern.  During his time as a Councillor for Malvern Town Council Priory Ward for eight years, he has instigated and delivered several projects in Rose Bank Gardens such as the buzzard and lark sculptures, the obelisks for the climbing roses and the portrait of Elgar inside the phone box.  More recently, he has brought Notices of Motion to Council to fund support to the Malvern Food Bank and a refugee family.

Peter is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the Autumn in Malvern Festival and Aldwyn Voices.  He made a significant contribution towards the Malvern Neighbourhood Plan and was a key member of the Route to the Hills project.

Peter is a member of the Operations and Planning Committee.

To contact Peter, please email or telephone 01684 569721

Other councillors representing Priory Ward: Cllr Josephine Leibrandt, Cllr Cynthia Palmer

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