Message from the Mayor

As we begin 2022, the Town Council is planning an exciting project for one of its biggest assets and we are keen to get your views.

Malvern Town Council has a bold vision for the replacement of the pavilion at Victoria Park with a community hub. Our aim is to have a community building that is accessible to all and has a diversity of uses. The new building will be a flexible, multi-purpose and environmentally sustainable building providing a large community space which we currently do not have.  The Council is holding a public consultation; this consultation is an important opportunity for people to have their say and we encourage the widest possible engagement and sharing of views. I encourage you all to respond by completing our survey to give us your views. 

The Council has decided that it is more economical to sell its current office building as this will release significant funding for the new community hub.  Just as importantly it will release the Council from having to spend funds on making the existing office greener. Council has mandated we should be as carbon neutral as possible and selling the current offices releases us from this burden and provides vital funds for the community hub.  Come and talk to us at one of the many public meetings to ask questions and then Vote Yes or No to funding a new community hub with a projected maximum cost of less than 3p (yes, 3 pence!) per week per household.    

Cllr Nick Houghton, Mayor of Malvern