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Malvern Christmas Festival 2015read more Malvern Christmas Festival and Lights Switch-on 2015 Malvern's annual Christmas Festival and Lights Switch-on will take place on Saturday...
Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day 2015read more Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day 2015 Sunday 8th November from 2:30pm and Wednesday 11th November from 10:45am Malvern's Remembrance ...
Illyria Presents The Three Musketeersread moreMalvern Town Council and Illyria present The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas Friday 14th August 2015, 7pm - 10pm, Rose Bank...
The Mayor's Bonanza 2015read more The Mayor's Bonanza 2015 Sunday 2nd August, Priory Park Always a highlight of Malvern's events calendar, the annual Mayor's...
Illyria Presents Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolantheread moreMalvern Town Council and Illyria present Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe Friday 24th July 2015, 7pm - 9pm, Rose Bank...

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Malvern Town Council would like to reiterate its complete and total sympathy for the situation in which Ms Corbett finds herself.

Great Malvern Cemetery, in common with all other cemeteries, has a set of guidelines for the benefit and protection of all users of the cemetery. In setting and applying these guidelines, the Council has to consider all users of the Cemetery; both current and future.  The rules and regulations for Great Malvern Cemetery were revised and adopted by the Town Council only twelve months ago, after considerable consultation with bereaved families and other interested parties in response to suggestions and feedback from grave owners.


In the case of Ms Corbett’s late son Max, the Council was and remains happy to meet the request that Max should be buried in the lawned area of the Cemetery rather than the dedicated young children’s plot, taking into consideration that the family wished him to be near other relatives already buried in the Cemetery. However the Lawned area of the Cemetery, in accordance with the Cemetery rules, does not permit the same design of headstones that would be allowed within the children’s section.



The Stonemason employed by Ms Corbett has worked in Great Malvern Cemetery for well over a decade, but on this occasion chose to ignore the Council’s set guidelines for authorisation of the headstone prior to its erection. All memorial applications are required to be processed in this way so that they can be checked and approved and, if necessary, so that modifications and amendments can be made in consultation with the Stonemason and the family, before the headstones are installed.


Malvern Town Council believes that the Stonemason has failed in his professional duty to Ms Corbett, firstly by not advising her that memorial headstones in the Lawned area of Great Malvern Cemetery are required to be in keeping with other headstones in the same area; secondly by failing to consult with Town Council Officers during the period of time in which the headstone was being designed; and thirdly, and most importantly, by erecting a headstone without first gaining permission to do so. The Stonemason posted the application form under the door of the Town Council offices just hours before the stone was erected, instead of giving the required two weeks’ notice. He then removed the headstone at the Council’s request in accordance with the cemetery guidelines.


This situation would have been avoided if the Stonemason had consulted with the Council during the design process and/or had submitted an application in reasonable time so that it could be processed in the normal way.  There are a number of options that could have and would have been offered as part of a consultation process had the Stonemason followed the correct procedure.


Town Council Officers are always available to deal with any queries, and any uncertainties can be clarified by contacting the Cemetery Manager who has very successfully worked with numerous families to resolve queries and accommodate particular requests on both funerals and headstones. Malvern Town Council is very willing to work with the family to successfully resolve this matter.


Oyez, Oyez, Oyez - Malvern Town Council Seeks a New Town Crier

Malvern Town Council are looking to appoint a new Town Crier. 

It’s not all about shouting loudly, of course – the Town Crier appears at many different public events throughout the year so enthusiasm, flexibility, local knowledge, being polite and approachable, and enjoying public-facing work, are all important.


Malvern's Last Town Crier In Action

Don’t worry though. Malvern’s Town Crier won’t need to escort the destitute to the workhouse, install minor criminals in the stocks, or administer floggings – just some of the duties that the Office has been historically required to carry out!


For further information or a full job description, please contact Eadwine Brown at Malvern Town Council, on 01684 566 667 or

Applications should be made in writing to the Town Clerk, Mrs Linda Blake, either by post to Malvern Town Council, 28-30 Belle Vue Terrace, Malvern, WR14 4PZ or by email to





24th of July, 2015

Illyria Presents Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe

Malvern Town Council and Illyria present Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe Friday 24th July 2015, 7pm - 9pm, Rose Bank Gardens Malvern Town Council is delighted to welcome Illyria back to Malvern for two outdoor theatre performances in 2015. The first, Gilbert &...Read More

23rd of July, 2015 @ 18:00:00

Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

To read more about this meeting and to view or download the minutes and agendas please Click Here

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