Cllr Nick Houghton (Mayor)

Congratulations to Cllr Nick Houghton who has been elected Mayor of Malvern for the year 2022/23 – his second year in the role.

The Mayor is an ex-officio non-voting member of every committee and chairs Full Council meetings and the Annual Town meeting.  As Mayor, he represents Malvern Town Council in and the surrounding area of Malvern, visiting schools, businesses, care homes, clubs and organisations.

Contact Nick by telephone on 07752 488365 or email

Other councillors in Chase Ward are David Mead, and Josie Wilkinson plus one vacancy.

“I moved to Upper Colwall in 2016, having lived in Worcester and Malvern Town Centre previously.  I have worked in Malvern Chase for the past thirteen years and continue to do so.

I represent residents in the Chase Ward.  I want to work with local businesses to encourage people to shop locally and support local businesses as much as possible.  It is also my wish that we recognise the value local people and local communities add to the very nature of why Malvern is such a great place to live and work.  Working with others I want to try and ensure funding for the area is maintained, to enable everyone has as much access to local services as possible and to support initiatives to address local issues.

When I am not being Mayor, I work for a Labrador Rescue charity but sadly I don’t work with the labs coming into rescue, I, in the main run the Rescue website and online fund raising shop. Oh, and I also work full time, so free time is very special to me and I try to keep busy doing things that benefit me, my family, my pets and of course the local community.

So, this is my second year as Mayor of Malvern, the first year is always a whirlwind I think, as you are introduced to things one would normally not encounter in a working day. Attending events around the area representing Malvern Town Council, meant I got to meet many people in many different environments. Everyone I met was so enthusiastic about what they do.

I think what I have enjoyed the most in my last year was interacting with the community, meeting some very inspiring people and organisations.

Why did I stand for a second term as Mayor?

The main reason for standing again is to work better and harder for Malvern and one reason, I think I can do this better this year is due to the experience of being Mayor last year. At least I know what is expected of me this year in real terms rather than being told about things, doing them means you learn first-hand.

Also, I want the Town Council to work as best it can for the community it serves. Malvern Town Council staff work so hard behind the scenes keeping Malvern Town a great place to live and work and play.

As twenty councillors we can make small but significant differences to our town and I am proud to lead the council in its work.

Read the Mayor’s Blog below to find out what he has been up to.

The Mayor’s Charity – Guide Dogs

Every year, the Mayor chooses a charity to fundraise for during the twelve months term in the office and this year, Cllr Nick Houghton has chosen Guide Dogs, Malvern and Ledbury (formerly known as The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association), as his mayoral charity. An ambitious fundraising target of £10,000 was set to enable a guide dog puppy to be trained and named. We are creeping nearer to the target having held some successful events over 2022. We hope you will all support this year’s events to raise even more money. Why not start with a walk across the Malvern Hills at the end of April, in the Mayor’s Peaks Challenge?

For more information on Guide Dogs, please visit their website.

The Mayor’s Annual Report