Roses for Rosebank Gardens

01/12/2023 ; News

Improvement works to the entranceway bed just inside the gates of Rosebank Gardens have been taking place recently, with the bed being dug out, refilled with new soil, and planted with approximately 80 new Precious Amber, bare-rooted roses.  There are a few more roses still to be planted, but when finished, these will provide a wonderful display of colour.

Planting changes are always carefully considered.  This bed has, for many years put on a wonderful display of peach-coloured roses, but these plants were looking tired, had been affected by mildew and were requiring quite a lot of individual care.  The old roses have now been given away to good homes and replaced with ones more suited to the environment within the gardens.  The ability of these new roses to withstand temperature changes and just keep growing mean that they are the right plant in the right place.  This is a definite bonus for the multiple visiting insects, as their food source stays intact.  Our gardeners in Rose Bank Gardens have seen a mix of bees, ladybirds, beetles, spiders, hoover flies, butterflies, wasps, and a grasshopper all in this area.