Victoria Park news

22/01/2024 ; News

After many years of planning, Malvern Town Council is pleased to announce that works to build the new community hub are now well underway at Victoria Park. Building work will bring with it a small amount of disruption but we hope that park users will bear with us as the final building should bring facilities that can be used by all sectors of the community.


How long will the building works take?

Groundworks began on Monday 12 February, with the six modules making up the new building being lifted into place on 5 March. Contractors are now working on site to complete the internal and external fittings of the new building and this will be followed by landscaping works. It is anticipated that all works will be completed by mid-June.

Why have there been changes to the play area?

The rearrangement of certain play equipment has been required to allow the building works to take place safely. Two pieces of ageing equipment, which were nearing the end of their life have been removed and the zip wire has been moved so that it can continue to be used. A new toddler swing set will be installed once building works have finished and a full scale refurbishment of this key play area is planned for 2025/26.

What about the skateboard park?

Due to the positioning of the new building, its footprint will encroach into the area of the current skateboard park. Therefore the ramps have been moved and will remain out of use for the period of building works.

The good news is that there are firm plans to refurbish and upgrade the skateboard park facilities and a public consultation on what facilities are required is currently open, have your say by clicking this link

Will building works disrupt other park users?

The disruption from building works will be kept to the minimum level possible. Car parking spaces on the car park nearest to Victoria Park Road will be restricted with space immediately next to the old pavilion area closed off for site management purposes.

Is the new building just for the Town Council offices?

No, the Town Council offices will occupy a small part of the new building but it will also include:

  • a cafe with indoor and outdoor seating
  • public toilets
  • a community meeting room
  • sports lockers
  • an area to obtain information and assistance on Town Council services